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Williamstown Road Dental Surgery In Melbourne has extensive experience and provide people around Melbourne with quality services. The surgery we provide here makes it simple for an individual to get high standards of dental care which are budget friendly. While making appointment, it is important to make inquiries on the use of private insurance such as BUPA and HCF

Williamstown dentist; highly trained and qualified in general dental health and cosmetic services. It is critical to have strong relationships with clients and provide the best attention and services by getting knowledge on the dental journey.

Dentist services

Our dental clinic provides a range of expertise dental services. Our clinic has become a one stop shop for all of dental needs. We cover all services which includes;

Dental Extraction (Removal of teeth from Jaw)

We extract any tooth which has been affected by decay, gum disease, trauma or any other tooth infection. Tooth can also be extracted as part of Orthodontic treatment plan or due to crowding effect

Dental Crown Services

We put a tooth shaped artificial cap to fit over existing tooth so as to replace the natural crown. Remember crown protects and strengthens teeth. Our crown is made of Gold, Stainless steel, and porcelain. We replace crown because of the following reasons

  • To restore broken tooth or a tooth that has worn out
  • Protecting weak teeth from decay
  • Ensuring care for tooth after root canal treatment
  • To hold a dental bridge in place.

Dental implant

For those who are self-conscious because of missing teeth or wearing dentures then we are happy to inform people that we offer dental implants. People should talk with our dentist for free advice on this.

Dental Bridges

Bridges are used to replace missing teeth. The gap left by missing teeth may cause the remaining teeth to rotate or shift into that space thus resulting in a bad bite. We make bridges and cement it to the natural tooth or implant that surround space

Denture fittings

We offer both partial and complete dentures. Implants and bridges resemble the feel of real teeth. We offer dentures as an alternative to the implant; not everyone is a candidate for an implant. Our dentist advises people accordingly in this area.

Mouth Guards

Mouth guards and night guards are coverings which are worn over teeth; it is used to protect teeth from injuries from grinding and during sports. We offer three types;

  • Boil and bite protectors
  • Custom fitted protectors
  • Stock mouth protectors

They are for both adults and children’s.

Other key services that we offer include:

  • General clean, scaling and polishing
  • X-rays
  • Wisdom teeth
  • Fillings
  • Root canals
  • Teeth whitening
  • Cosmetic dental (bridges and crowns)
  • Aftercare services

We work hard to ensure that dental practices meet the needs of patient’s dental health, provide ongoing assistance and care and alleviate any pain

Williamstown Dental

Our team of experienced and well trained dentists offers high standard services. We assure comfort and safety to all patients all the time

As part of child dental benefits schedule, we offer bulk billing services for all eligible children who are aged 2 to 17. This is a government initiative for all the school going age. With this, there are no financial pressures on the family.

Booking appointment 

We advise the public to get in touch with our team any time of the day so as to find out more about our full scope of services. Our team speaks a range of languages (Arabic, Cantonese, English, Hindi, Mandarin and Telugu). All the requirements of a patient are going to be deeply discussed; consultation will be arranged so as to plan the dental care plan

All About our team

Our qualified dentist and other staff offer comprehensive dental care in a friendly and relaxed environment. We are fully aware that people normally struggle with dental anxiety but with our caring dentist, patients feel comfortable in the chair. For every visit, we calmly and thoroughly explain all procedures and issues in an easy way that is going to make the patient understand

Why Choose Our Services

People around Williamstown, Melbourne have chosen our services because of many reasons. Some of them are highlighted below;

We assure patients perfect smile and total wellness. Anyone who joins our practice always experiences and feels the difference. The 1st thing to do is to get a dentist (at least once in every six months), people to avoid neglecting teeth for any reason and to remember that bad teeth are an embarrassment. Contact our team today for your better dental health.


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